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One morning in Mae Mang


Far and remote in the Forest Reserve there is a prosperous village. They have electricity, satelite TV, motorbike, petrol station (albeit simple), clinic, school etc…….they are rich people who work in the river and vicinity to search and find for gold, yes gold.



Mae Mang Village


After a night in a jungle, we luckily successful emerged to a village known as Mae Mang.  So relief to have seen others in the remote jungle.  Here we refresh ourselves and been lucky they have simple workshop to repair our two punctured tyres as well refuelling.  Oh God…Thank you


From Kaoh Nhek to Sen Monorom

Now we heading  to get a rest at Sen Monorom, the capital city of Mondulkiri. Eventhough the distance to Sen Monorom is 100km, the evening scenery to Sen Monorom make us enjoy the journey.

We passed through a few villlages such as Chbar and Phu Chri.

Sen Monorom situated on higher altitude ie about 700m and the tempeerature at night is cooler maybe 17-20 degree Celcius.

At Sen Monorom you can visit the Coffee Plantation, a favourite drink in Cambodia.



Having Coffee at Kaoh Naek

After travel on dirt road for about 50 km from Lumphat, we stop at Kaoh Naek for a coffee.  Now is 3.40 pm and we have another 100 km to travel to Sem Menorom for a night stop.