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Pahang take over the mine complex

Bukit Ibam Mine in History

Berita Harian  4FEB, 1971Berita Harian, 4 February 1971

Kuantan, Wednesday

Government of Pahang today formally took over the Bukit Ibam complex from Rompin Mining Company Limited, which was closed late last year.

This morning, acting Chief Minister of Pahang, Dato ‘Haji Abdul Aziz bin Ahmad, has presented a check worth $ 680,000 to the mine goods dealer, Mr Philip Robinson, at the State Operations Room.

Mr. Philip from the George Cohen, who sells mining equipment company said and clarifying that the company was giving out free of the officials and employees residential houses as well as shops and hospital to Government of Pahang.


Dato Aziz expressed gratitude for the contribution and expects such cooperation to be followed by other private companies.

He further explained that the money of $ 680,000 is to buy electric facilities, water supply and a workshop in Bukit Ibam.

The Government also took the 45 former employees of the mining company to serve the complex.

According to Dato Aziz, these workers are mainly employed in the workshop acquired and turned into a workshop of Syarikat Perkayuan Bukit Ibam owned by MARA.

Acting Chief Minister of Pahang, advised the employees to serve well and do not be too choosy

The complex is now turned to ​​200,000 acres of timber complex.



Rehabilitation of Rompin town

Bukit Ibam in History

BH 18NOV 1970 Pemulihan Pekan RompinBerita Harian, 18 November 1970

ROMPIN town will not dim with the closing of Bukit Ibam mine.  Instead the government plans to make the town as centre of a large land development schemes in southeast Pahang which will accommodate lives of unemployed workers due to the closure of the mine.

Prime Minister, Tun Abdul Razak, who held a one-day trip to Rompin on last Monday, announced that the government will soon take over the administration of Bukit Ibam and develop it as a town centre for a new land development scheme covering 2.5 million acres.

The opening log and veneer  factories, construction of 4 miles road from Bukit Ibam to merge with Gambang-Segambat  road and another that road that will connects Bukit Ibam to Lanjut, a port on the coast of Pahang, opening Lanjut as a tourist centre and the establishment of a cooperation between the Government of Pahang with a private company to run the remnants of the mine iron supplies – all of which are intended to maintains the town and  the life of its inhabitants as in the past.

The workers – about 1,200 people – will be met by the projects.  The problems faced by workers are to get a new job as soon as possible.

It is hoped that the projects can be implemented as soon as possible so that workers are not unemployed for long periods. There might be better if the position of the workers be scrutinised further to find anyone among them that really need a job fast, because of their commitment; also need to know of theirs know-how and skills, so they could be given jobs according to skill and knowledge respectively.

It is advisable to provide venue to provide advice to employees while they seek for their new employment.

Advice is important for them to understand what is and will be developed for them by the government.

Detailed plans are necessary to realign the lives of thousands who lost their jobs as it is complex and difficult.

Especially to those are habituated in their place of work.

The closure of the Bukit Ibam mine is not only directly affects the lives of workers but also residents of the town such as shopkeepers and traders who rely directly or indirectly to the employees of the mine.

Visit by Prime Minister Tun Razak to Rompin last Monday showed concern of the federal government.

Rehabilitation program are planned to restore the life of the town and its residents. This commitment would calm their minds as their live have been threatened of the result of the mine closure.

The new jobs may not be matched on income, but this should be faced head on. Meanwhile, as advised by the Prime Minister, consolation money given by their employer to the retrenched workers, should be utilised wisely.

While the government is ready to provide help, but effort made by themselves is more effective.


Work for another year at mines

Bukit Ibam in History

The Straits Times 13NOV 1970The Straits Times 13 November 1970

ROMPIN. Thurs – About 100 of the 1,172 retrenched workers of the Rompin mines here will continue to work at the mines for another year.

They have been employed by George Cohen Far East Pte. Ltd.  – agents appointed to dispose off the $10 million worth of plant and equipment of the Rompin Mining Co., which ceased production recently.

The resident manager of George Cohen, Mr. Philip Robinson, said today that the 100 workers would be needed, among other things, to run the power station, and maintain the office account and machinery at Rompin Mining Co.

He said that the company had received numerous enquiries for the equipment from local and foreign companies.

Mr. Robinson added that preference would be given to the retrenched workers who intended to buy the equipment. – Bernama


$15m retrench pay-out for 5,500 mines workers

Bukit Ibam in History

The Straits Times OCT22, 1970 $15m Retrenchment PayoutThe Straits Times, 22 October 1970

KUALA LUMPUR, Wed.- The EMMCO group of mining companies will pay out  more than $15 million as retrenchment benefits to their 5,500 workers in Rompin, Pahang and Bukit Besi, Trengganu.

An agreement was signed today between the group and the East Coast Mining Industries Union at the Ministry of Labour here.

The agreement was signed by the group’s financial director, Mr, S.R. Teed, the union’s president, Inche Yusoff bin Mohamed Shah, Inche Yusoff Rashid of the NOC and Inche Sidek Ta’at from the Ministry of Labour.


The companies under the group are the EMMCO in Bukit Besi, Rompinco in Rompin, Eastern Stevedoring Company and Trengganu Minerals Company.

The iron mines in the two states are to close down next month.

The agreement for the pay-out includes the retrenchment benefits, loss of employment benefits, transport expenses and hospital benefits.

In a press statement today, Inche Yusoff bin Mohamed Shah said the loss employment were in addition to the retrenchment benefits agreed upon by both sides in 1963.

Bukit Ibam in History - Trevor Hislop [img105]“My wife is at centre front and I am immediately behind her in a brown shirt. Centre at the back is Jim Cushing (Stores Superintendent) with Brian Dick to his right. Photo taken in our home, June 1970.

All others were workshop staff”. – Trevor Hislop

Bukit Ibam in History - Trevor Hislop [img098]“Attached is a 1969 Bukit Ibam photo from a fancy dress party. I have one daughter, Tracy in the back row and another in the front row next to the “cowboy”. Some of your bloggers may recognize themselves when a bit younger!” – Trevor Hislop.