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Flood Damaged Tepisoh River Bridge in 1970/1971 – derailed the train and equipments

When the Mine closed in 1970, I was given the task of dismantling the treatment plant and shipping it, together with other plant and machinery, to Tanjong Tengku for disposal.

The huge floods at the end of 1970 and early 1971 damaged the railway line in several locations, and finally, huge logs floating down the flooded river damaged the tressells of the Tepisoh railway bridge over the river, twisting the steel rails and causing  a derailment of the train and wagons, which caused the plant and machinery to fall into the valley below the bridge.

Cranes mounted on railway flat top wagons were brought from Tanjong Tengku to the coastal side of the damaged bridge and the machinery and plant were lifted up from the valley and loaded back onto  flat top wagons and finally hauled down to Tanjong Tengku.

It was a very challenging situation, and I was very pleased when the project was completed and all the plant and machinery from Bukit Ibam was finally transferred to Tanjong Tengku.

The steel rail tracks and sleepers were subsequently dismantled and hauled to Tanjong Tengku for disposal, after I had left Rompinco in March 1971

]as narrated by Graeme Scanlon]


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Official Opening of Bukit Ibam Mine on 7th July 1962

The Rompin Mining Co. Senior Staff welcoming the Sultan of Pahang to Bukit Ibam
The Sultan of Pahang addressing the guests with the GM of Rompin Mining Co. Mr J.N.McHugh behind and to the left of the Sultan, before the Sultan pushed a button to start the Treatment Plant, and officially declared the Mine open
The Sultan and his playing partner playing tennis on the courts adjacent to the Company school at Bukit Ibam
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Bukit Ibam Mine – Iron Ore Treatment Plant [Part 1]

Picture15Power station control Panel

Picture16Feeding Ore into the primary crusher

Picture17Primary crusher jaws

Picture18Conveyor to Fines stockpile

Picture19The photo shows the filled train leaving for the coast at Tanjong Tengku

Picture20The Photo shows the ore train trucks being loaded

Picture21The photo shows the train loading bin

Picture22​Train loading bin

Picture23A view of the stockpile with workshop/treatmet plant  at the rear

Picture24Conveyor to lump stockpile




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One morning in Mae Mang


Far and remote in the Forest Reserve there is a prosperous village. They have electricity, satelite TV, motorbike, petrol station (albeit simple), clinic, school etc…….they are rich people who work in the river and vicinity to search and find for gold, yes gold.


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Mae Mang Village


After a night in a jungle, we luckily successful emerged to a village known as Mae Mang.  So relief to have seen others in the remote jungle.  Here we refresh ourselves and been lucky they have simple workshop to repair our two punctured tyres as well refuelling.  Oh God…Thank you


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Work Adventure to Phnum Prech Forest Reserve

After spending the night in Sen Monorom, the next morning we headed back to Kaoh Nhek. Here we stop for a brief rest and preparing for food supplies before entering Phnum Prech Forest.


Although we are treavelling in hot and dry season, the challenge is still eminent. The heavy euse during the rainy season has affected and given impact of vehicle trails thus has affected us. In generals made it difficult to travel. It is also difficult to travel over the dry and rocky rivers and we have experienced three times the tires punctured caused by these rocks

The soil formation is not as expected. 80% of these areas appear to contain rocks and pebbles. It causes our exploration to last until late night to ensure the whole area has been studied


We were supposed to go home tonight to Sen Monorom through the jungle trails, but many routes that have long been abandoned and close to each other even the GPS could not help much. We mistakenly chose the wrong path, so we lost our trail in the forest that night. This is where the 4WD vehicle that has been punctured twice before, get another puntured tyre. However we continue the journey.

Until 1 am, we decided to stop,  time to get rest, the trails also getting blurred, we getting stuck of the way out.

We spent the night in the forest without much preparation. The next morning we found the surprise.