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Today’s Photograph : Busy at Dusk

A group of construction workers still busy to complete their tasks; floor concreting.  Photograph taken at Kati-Koko Plataeu while I passing by that area.



Batouma and Awa

Batouma 9 years old and her sister Awa 8 year old are often seen hawking around of their home in Kati-Koko Plateau.  Batouma hawking a home-made cakes, while Awa with groundnuts. A home-made cake cost FCFA100 (USD0.20) while a packet of groundnut will cost FCFA25 (USD0.05). They hawking after the school session and school holidays to earn extra money for them to go school.


Mason : Marcel A Fangbédje

Marcel A Fangbédje now has the knowledge in simple survey works; levelling

Marcel A Fangbédje, a 30 year old bachelor.  He is from Togo.  He has migrated to Mali for the past 4 years.  In the first year he spent his time in Bamako then in Kati.  He works as a mason which he acquires the skill in Togo prior to migrated to Mali.  For the past 6 months he learns a new skill ie survey works.  Now he can handle simple survey like levelling.

He send in every 2 months part of his earnings to his mother in Togo.  Recently he has managed to secure a sub-contract work.  At the end of his contract work, he managed to keep of FCFA1.5 million (USD3,000).  Next day after received his last pay out, he proudly show to me his new China made motorbike which cost him FCFA340,000.  Of course before buying the motorbike, he inform his mother in Togo of his intention 


Today’s Photograph : Cloud

This photograph was taken in one of my travel back from work at Kati to Bamako