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One morning in Mae Mang


Far and remote in the Forest Reserve there is a prosperous village. They have electricity, satelite TV, motorbike, petrol station (albeit simple), clinic, school etc…….they are rich people who work in the river and vicinity to search and find for gold, yes gold.


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Mae Mang Village


After a night in a jungle, we luckily successful emerged to a village known as Mae Mang.  So relief to have seen others in the remote jungle.  Here we refresh ourselves and been lucky they have simple workshop to repair our two punctured tyres as well refuelling.  Oh God…Thank you


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Work Adventure to Phnum Prech Forest Reserve

After spending the night in Sen Monorom, the next morning we headed back to Kaoh Nhek. Here we stop for a brief rest and preparing for food supplies before entering Phnum Prech Forest.


Although we are treavelling in hot and dry season, the challenge is still eminent. The heavy euse during the rainy season has affected and given impact of vehicle trails thus has affected us. In generals made it difficult to travel. It is also difficult to travel over the dry and rocky rivers and we have experienced three times the tires punctured caused by these rocks

The soil formation is not as expected. 80% of these areas appear to contain rocks and pebbles. It causes our exploration to last until late night to ensure the whole area has been studied


We were supposed to go home tonight to Sen Monorom through the jungle trails, but many routes that have long been abandoned and close to each other even the GPS could not help much. We mistakenly chose the wrong path, so we lost our trail in the forest that night. This is where the 4WD vehicle that has been punctured twice before, get another puntured tyre. However we continue the journey.

Until 1 am, we decided to stop,  time to get rest, the trails also getting blurred, we getting stuck of the way out.

We spent the night in the forest without much preparation. The next morning we found the surprise.



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From Kaoh Nhek to Sen Monorom

Now we heading  to get a rest at Sen Monorom, the capital city of Mondulkiri. Eventhough the distance to Sen Monorom is 100km, the evening scenery to Sen Monorom make us enjoy the journey.

We passed through a few villlages such as Chbar and Phu Chri.

Sen Monorom situated on higher altitude ie about 700m and the tempeerature at night is cooler maybe 17-20 degree Celcius.

At Sen Monorom you can visit the Coffee Plantation, a favourite drink in Cambodia.



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Lumphat & crossing Tonle Srepok at Ratanakiri

Begin our journey from Steung Traeng to Sen Monorom in Mondolkiri.  In effort to reduce our travelling time of  8 hours by half, we decided to go through Lumphat in Ratanakiri where we have to make river crossing there.  We forgot that day was Sunday and ferry service not made available. After hard negotiation they agreed to make special crossing for us.  We crossed Tonle Srepot by ferry not by small boat as in the picture.

Dry season, where you can witness many bush fire along the road and of course dusty road

Next rest stop is Kaoh Nhek.


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Siem Pang, Cambodia

Siem Pang District is a district located in Stung Traeng Province, in north-east Cambodia. According to the 1998 census of Cambodia, it had a population of 13,517.  The Khmer Khe language is spoken in Siem Pang District.

From Stung Traeng, drive 50km north on NH7, turn right, and proceed another 52km on an unsealed road. There are no longer any public boats along the Tonlé Kong (SeKong) to/from Stung Traeng.

A prosperous town that stretches for about 6km along the Tonlé Kong, Siem Pang is a good place to observe rural life or just relax by the riverside in a remote outpost.

Siem Pang acts as the western gateway to Virachey National Park and is renowned for its rich wildlife.