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Desaru, Johor.

The most popular beach in Johor, Desaru has twenty-five kilometres of white sandy beach and lush tropical greenery highlight. Desaru located 98km north east of Johor Bahru, also known as the ‘Village of Casuarinas’, was developed by the South Johor Development Authority (KEJORA) to boost tourism industry in Johor. The small town of Bandar Penawar, about 2 km inland, serves as the area’s transport hub. 

Desaru is a great destination for family vacation as it offers a variety of activities for the whole family including swimming, fishing, snorkeling, canoeing, horse riding, jungle trekking, go-carting, golfing and windsurfing.

Excursions to see the fireflies (api-api) in the Sungei Lebam river are very popular. The best time to go is after rain on a new moon.

Apart from first-class hotels and resorts, other accommodations available in Desaru include chalets, dormitories and camping facilities.

Some 10km south of Desaru is another excellent stretch of beach known as Teluk Ramunia.




Spent most of the life in engineering and project management. Now having the opportunity to see the world beyond my usual nest. Travel extensively to Third World Countries. Aaahh... now everything is possible

2 thoughts on “Desaru, Johor.

  1. Assalamualaikum Uncle Awang
    With direct flight from Kuching to Senai, Johor will bring more businessmen and tourist to this part of Malaysia.
    Thank you

  2. Very soon another low cost carrier (fireflyz) fly from Senai/Kch/Senai..I’m hoping they invited me again for the Fam trip to JHB..

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