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Today’s Photograph : Siem Reap Night Market ; Colourful Fabrics

Siem Reap Night Market [1] Colourful fabrics

Colourful fabrics as seen at Siem Reap Night Market


Today’s Photograph : Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP)

Port Tanjung Pelepas MalaysiaPTP’s berths are set in 15-19 meters of naturally deep waters with a wide approach channel of Malacca and Johor Straits. A turning basin 600 meters wide allows the easy maneuvering of even the largest container vessels. PTP has all the advantages to ensure smooth and fast berthing for vessels.

Positioned just 45 minutes from the crossroads of the world’s busiest shipping lanes (Malacca Straits) and located at the southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia, PTP is ideal for both regional and global transshipment and distribution activities.

I and family having dinner at a nearby seafood restaurant, and you would not miss this spectacular view of the Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) which located at the southernmost of Penisular Malaysia and mainland Asia.


Today’s Photograph: No Comment [2]

Today's Photograph : no Comment [2]No Comment


Today;s Photograph : Water play at Sekong River in Steung Traeng

Steung Traeng Sekong River [39]Enjoying themselves at Sekong River