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Today’s Photograph : Biscuit Tiny Star

When I visited the state of Johor in Malaysia not long ago, I was in small town called Serkat.   As I am so thirsty, I want to buy a few bottle of soft drinks, I stumble to see the favourite biscuit when I was a small kid.  Nostalgia of this tiny biscuits continues to intrude in my mind.



Today’s Photograph : Kueh Karas

Kueh Karas is one of many traditional Malay cookies. I discovered Kueh karas when I visited state of Johor not long ago. These traditional cookies are now being commercialised, so it is very easy to be obtained and sold in many places.

Kueh Karas made from basic ingredients of rice flour, sugar and a little salt, deep fried in palm oil.
It is nice and crunchy.