The simple, diverse beauty of Taipei’s Grand Mosque

Taiwan is a Chinese-majority country where most of its people are Buddhists or Christians. But one well-known place of worship is the Taipei Grand Mosque, situated in the Da’an district.

The mosque was built in the 1960s and is the largest in Taiwan, with a total area of 2,747 sq m. In 1999, it was officially named one of the historical landmarks of the city.

The Grand Mosque is located in the Da’an district of Taipei. (Kaki Jalans pic)

Next to the Grand Mosque stands a church, in a display of religious harmony evident in the country.

To get to Taipei Grand Mosque, take the MRT and alight at Da’an Park station. Check the signs to ensure which exit to use and walk into the park following the main trail. The mosque is a seven-minute walk away from the station and can’t be missed.

Another view of the mosque, with the nearby church visible. (Kaki Jalans pic)

The main prayer hall is simple – a minimalist concept that makes this mosque feel ‘real’, despite being a popular tourist attraction. Worshippers at the mosque include people of various ethnicities.

People of various backgrounds visit this humble place of worship. (Kaki Jalans pic)

If you are hungry after visiting the mosque, there are halal food options close by, including The Royal Cafe and Restaurant, which serves Indonesian food.

By: Kaki Jalans

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