Land subsidence and coastal flooding in Pekalongan, Indonesia

Abandoned houses in Dukuh Semonet village in Pekalongan, Indonesia. The Java Sea is slowly encroaching this village, destroying hectares of farmlands and residential areas. (Photo: Nivell Rayda / CNA)
Dozens of houses in Dukuh Semonet village in Pekalongan, Indonesia have become one with the sea and the coastline continues to move further inland. (Photo: Nivell Rayda / CNA)
A house in Pekalongan city, Indonesia under threat of being submerged by the sea. The house used to be surrounded by rice fields which have since been permanently inundated in seawater. (Photo: Nivell Rayda / CNA)
Neighbourhoods in Pekalongan city, Indonesia could be inundated by both fluvial and coastal flood and water is sometimes trapped for weeks. (Photo: Nivell Rayda / CNA)
For the last one year, the village of Dukuh Semonet in Pekalongan, Indonesia has become waterlocked. Residents’ only access to the outside world is through this makeshift pier and a small wooden boat which takes them to the other side of the river. (Photo: Nivell Rayda / CNA)
Climate change has brought stronger winds and bigger waves which sometimes breach this embankment in Pekalongan city, Indonesia. (Photo: Nivell Rayda / CNA)


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