Official Opening of Bukit Ibam Mine on 7th July 1962

The Rompin Mining Co. Senior Staff welcoming the Sultan of Pahang to Bukit Ibam
The Sultan of Pahang addressing the guests with the GM of Rompin Mining Co. Mr J.N.McHugh behind and to the left of the Sultan, before the Sultan pushed a button to start the Treatment Plant, and officially declared the Mine open
The Sultan and his playing partner playing tennis on the courts adjacent to the Company school at Bukit Ibam


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing moment while Bukit Ibam have a great day..
    And now the present residency of Bukit Ibam will can see a moment that you share..and jutaan terima kasih dari kami MPKK Bukit Ibam 2019.


  2. Dear sir..thanks alot for sharing remembering moments of Bukit Ibam..and behalf all residency we all ucapkan jutaan terima kasih.. for nowsday child will see how Bukit Ibam have a great moment..


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