George Cohen gets $10m deal

Bukit Ibam Mine in History

The Straits Times 7 October 1970

The Straits Times 7 October 1970

George Cohen (Far East) has secured a contract to dispose mining equipment, the estimated selling value of which is in excess of $10 million.  This was announced on Friday by Mr. J.W. Wilson, a director of the company.

Mr. Wilson was speaking at the press conference to introduce Mr. C. Drury who is the Export Director and Co-ordinator of the George Cohen 600 Group of Companies.  Mr. Drury is here to clinch the mining equipment contract as well as to study the market and formula’s plan for future expansion in this region.

The contract is for the disposal of plant and equipment at Bukit Ibam and Lanjut of the iron mining complex belonging to Rompin Mining which has ceased operations due to exhaustion of ore deposits.  “This is the largest disposal contract ever awarded in the Far East”, claimed Mr. Wilson.

It was disclosed that substantial orders have been secured for the sale of the equipment to neighbouring countries, and that the remainder will be exported to many parts of the world.

Established in 1834, George Cohen now produces machine tools, heavy cranes, capital plant and raw materials.  Its annual turnover is over $500 million.

One of its specialised services to industry is the setting up of individual disposal arrangements arising from the completion of civil mining and other engineering projects which have been dealt with in various parts of the world.

Weekly production of “Colchester” lathes at George Cohen’s factory passes the 200 mark – giving an annual output of nearly 10,000 units.  The company claims to be the largest manufacturer of machine tools in Europe.

The Singapore office was established 18 years ago, and serves Malaysia Thailand and Indonesia as well.  Sales in this area last year were in the region of $9 million.

Last year George Cohen’s sale of 200 lathes in Singapore supplied of 70 per cent of requirements.  35 per cent of these went to training institutes – the Singapore Vocational Institute has 38 of these lathes.

Mr. Wilson also revealed that an expert from Cohen’s training center in Colchester, England would be here in a few months to run an advanced course in machine tool operation for instructors from the vocational institutes.

Group of mechanics – Contribution of Vignesh Baskaran


Pesagi Mine – Contribution of  Vignesh Baskaran


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