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Three die, nine injured in rail collision

Bukit Ibam Mine in History

The Strait Times 5 April 1968

The Straits Times, 5 April 1968

Kuantan, Thursday – Three men were killed and nine other injured when a passenger train and a trolley collided head-on at Rompin, about 75 miules from here, today.

The dead were Mr. S. Kandiah, 60, Abdul Malik bin Ismail, 25 and Muda bin Abdullah, 24.

Jumped clear

They were travelling in the trolley with three others, all employees of the Rompin Mining Co.

The others managed to jump clear before it collided with the train.

The accident occurred at 9.30 a.m about half-way between Bukit Ibam and Kampong Lanjut.

The train which also belongs to the company, was on its way to Kampong Lanjut from the iron mine at Bukit Ibam.

Six passengers in the train and the three who jumped out of the trolley were treated as outpatient

Old Jeti at Rompin Lama




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2 thoughts on “Three die, nine injured in rail collision

  1. Dear Jung
    The alignment of old railway is almost parallel to existing road from Bukit Ibam to Lanjut in Rompin. As I know the old locomotive is still there in Lanjut.


  2. Mamadou, love your work ! Keep up the good work, and the great traveling!

    I wanted to ask if you knew of the old railway line described in your article on Bkt Ibam. I am trying to ascertain the location of the old Rompin port in the photograph. Any suggestion / ideas?


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