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The Sack for 22 : ‘The Union Agreed’

Bukit Ibam Mine in History

The Straits Times 2 February 1963 edition

The Straits Times 2 February 1963

Kuala Lumpur, Friday. – The East Coast Mining Industries Workers Union has agreed with the management of the Rompin Iron Mines on the retrenchment of 21 redundant workers.

This was stated today by Mr. J. N. McHugh, Managing Director of the Eastern Mining and Metals Company Limited, who denied reports that 1,000 workers at the mine had threatened to go on strike because of the retrenchment.

(The EMMCO is the parent Company of the Rompin Mines).

Mr. McHugh said that union officials had confirmed that the report of the intended strike was untrue.

Mr. McHugh added: “We have excellent relations with the union and the dismissal of the 21 people from the mine’s railway department was discussed by the union and railway manager before action was taken to retrench them”.

“The retrenchment was due to reorganization of the railway department at the end of the construction period”.

Baskaran Pillai (left with dark shirt) – (Contribution of Vignesh Baskaran Pillai)

Bukit Ibam Mine – Crsuher Plant (Contribution of Vignesh Baskaran Pillai)




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