Women Hawkers

Entrepreneurship and/or Hardship

Women PeddlersWomen hawkers moving around to promote their sales



  1. Salam,teringat masa kita umur 8tahun tlg mak jual kulat sisir atau sisik(kat kg la ramai beri nama camtu)pergi rumah ke rumah 1bungkus plastik minuman 20sen. Seronok dpt dt dn dpt tlg mak cari duit.kulat ni byk boleh dpt lps hujan bbrapa hari carilah ats btg pokok getah tumbang..mmg bila bwk jaja laku ..dpt alami dn rasai keperitan dn kepayahan seperti mereka..d sana..sbb kita pn mmg hidup susah dulu2


  2. Assalamualaikum Pak Idrus

    Too many things that we have had in the past I have seen it over here, again and again. These things remind me of the good and hard days thats our parents gone through
    Thanks for your comments


  3. Dear Uncle Awang

    Yeah life is hard. It is very hard to earn some money by hawkering. They have to work harder as by day the life is harder. Day by day more and more people coming to city like Bamako from districts, villages and neighbouring countries to have a ‘decent’ life here. But in actual, there are many others whom do nothing. Those who work a little harder may have a life.



  4. mamadou, It was like that in my kampong when I was a kid. It was the makcik that go around selling kueh kueh and my dad was selling roti canai along the road when he was just twelves and later on to become a successful businessman. He gives us education and that how my family have progress. It is the entrepreneurship spirit in them that made them special and eventually what made us today.. Have a nice day.


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