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Dogon Country [1]

Dogon County is the most visited region of Mali. It’s a 250 km long escarpment near the border with Burkina Faso which has been home to the Dogon people since the 13th century. The Dogon speak their own language (and many dialects) and are primarily animist. The entire region is a UNESCO listed heritage site and it is popular to undertake a trek along the bottom of the cliff, walking the few kilometres between villages in the early morning and late afternoon (it’s too hot midday) and staying on the rooftops of village huts at night, and gazing at the moon and stars

Among the tribes of Africa the Dogon are almost unique in that they have preserved and continued to develop their own culture in the midst of invasions, most of which have conquered and altered many of the other cultural groups throughout the continent. As such they remain closest to their ancestral traditions.

We turned off the main road onto a mixture of dusty laterite tracks and smooth roads supported by stone walls with many dipped paved sections, making secure areas to fort running water, when the surrounding land gets flooded in the rainy season

We start our journey from Sévaré to Bandiagara.  Bandiagara is the entrance Dogon country. The geography itself authorises the comparison, the Dogon country occupies a plateau that rises from the chaotic ment Lowlands Macina Sangha up, to break in a peak that dominates several hundred meters of the plain country voltaics This is the famous cliff of Bandiagara.

After Bandiagara, climbing up and down of the escarpment, we stop at Djiguibombo

Villages were mosaics of family houses “Ginna”. Each building clings to any flat, stuck to the cliff, where it has found a natural canopy.

The architecture of houses, granaries millet (round or square), the “toguna” in the thick pile or roof of millet stalks, as well as caves Tellems used today as places of burial, dogon dance, the crowd of markets that are repeated shifted one village to another every five days, composed of images, unforgettable satisfy any lover of the picturesque.

The myth, the comogonie the symbolic thought then create a universe that is woven and is passed on through generations to speak of divine origin.

A visit

– The Dogon universe is a curiosity in the world that must be discovered, to live.

– The Bandiagara “big dish” is the administrative capital and the hyphen between the plain and cliffs;

– Caves Historic Site or déguimbéré EL Hadji Oumar disappeared in 1864, now place of pilgrimage for the followers of the Muslim Brotherhood Tidjani;

– Songo: famous for its rock paintings;

– Sangha: With thirteen villages, is the starting point for all tours in Dogon country; It Sangha that the cliff is most astonishing;

– You can visit beautiful villages such as Banani and 4 quarters, Ireli, Tireli where wrens are most impressive.

– Bankass: gateway to the villages of the cliff-like kani Kombole, Ende, etc.

What a relief with such greenery and a stream in the middle of dryness.  Farmers plants at this valley with onions and other vegetables.  At Anakanda before we climb another escarpment

Bush Taxis, buses and rental cars available every day from Bamako or Mopti.
Routes and distances:

Bamako – Mopti : 640 km

Bamako – Bandiagara : 691 km
Mopti – Sévaré : 12km

Sévaré – Bandiagara : 55 km

Mopti – Bandiagara – Sangha : 120 km
Mopti – Sévaré – Somadougou – Bankass : 121 km





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