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Batu, Indonesia

Batu MosqueOne of beautiful grand mosque (masjid jamek) in Batu.

Batu is a city located in East Java, Indonesia. Formerly, it was a part of Malang regency; but in 2001, Batu became an independent city with its own mayor and city council. 

A population of 170,000 people, it mostly consists of Javanese and Madurese ethnics. The town used to be a recreation place for the Dutch colonial officers in the Dutch colonial area (before 1945).

Batu ResidentialScenery view in residential area at Jl. Flamboyan, Batu.

Batu Residential [2]Now you can only witnessed the wall bearing the marks of shots by team Densus 88 on Wednesday, 9 November 2005.  Many people from Indonesia and Malaysia visited this place at Jl. Flamboyan II, A-7 Kelurahan Songgokerto Batu.


Batu tourist resort and the vicinity, offering a breathtaking view and a breezy atmosphere, is said to be the hill resort where tourists can take a’ rest to regain freshness and new spirit.  In the vicinity of Batu, scattering places of interest have so far attracted many visitors due to the distinctive features found in every tourist resort in the area such as: Songgoriti which is famous for its curative thermal spring, while Selecta is naturally famous for its swimming pool, impressive view of fruit market and fresh vegetables as well as flower kiosts along the street – side leading to the bathing side.

Pegunungan [1]Pegunungan area where the weather a little cooler than Malang.  You can find special grilled corn here and not forget to get hot coffee too.

Pegunungan [2]A view of residential from Pegunungan area.

Accommodation and its facilities scattering here and there such as star hotels, inns, villas, restaurants, souvenir shops, streetside stalls, play – grounds and swimming pools are available. This fascinating tourist object of Batu is located approximately 20 km to the north from west Malang. 

Batu Restaurant [5]Scene inside a restaurat in Batu. 

Batu Restaurant [1]Pond of koi fish, with a chilly water free flowing from the hilly area. 

Batu Restaurant [2]A breathtaking and relaxing view, where you unwind after a long journey up here 

Batu Restaurant [3]While waiting food to be served you can play with koi fish 

Batu Restaurant [4]Now food is ready.  Its really delicious from “Lesehan Warung Bambu”. 

Batu Apple drinkApple drink.  The famous drink produce of Batu, Indonesia.

Apple tree in Indonesia (especially in Malang) began to be known about the year 1908 before Indonesia proclaimed the independence. The Ducth was the first people who brought it, and rearched good areas for apple growing. Batu is one of them, and above all it is the most suitable. The first apple variety grown in Batu was Rome Beauty.

Around 1969, the “Banaran Garden Institution” found a new apple variety, namely Apel Manalagi. The man who found it is Mr. Surahmat Kusumo, a senior fruit tracker from “Balai Penelitian Hortikultura Pasar Minggu” (Horticultural Research Institution Pasar Minggu) Jakarta. This new variety was from Gandon village, because this variety was not found in Holand and other parts of the world; so this variety was finally considered as an Indonesian Apple. And, because of its nice taste, this apple is called “Manalagi” (Javanese, means: give me more) 




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