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Merotai’s Special Bone Soup


Merotai is another settlement and about 30km away from Tawau.  Merotai is in Kalabakan district.  Economic activites in Merotai are basically agriculture and timber products.  Along the way from Tawau to Merotai, you can see thousand hectares of oil palm estates.  But towards more inland, there are timber products related industries

merotai-sabah2Main road Merotai-Tawau

merotai-sabah4Schools in Merotai

merotai-sabah3Another view of Merotai

merotai-sabah5Grand mosque of Merotai


maskur-special-beef-bone-soup-merotai-2Pak Maskur stall’s selling various type of food, but beef’s bone soup is the main dish and star attraction.  His shop located beside of the main road Merotai-Tawau.

maskur-special-beef-bone-soup-merotai1You would’nt miss this landmark as it located infront of Pak Maskur’s stall in Merotai

The highlight of the visit was to sample ‘special soup’ of Merotai.  My friend insisted that I must have a try, if not my visit will meaningless.  It is beef’s bone soup.  Tasty and delicious.  This small stall operated by Pak Maskur a wellknown person in Merotai due to his special soup.


pulut-panggang-merotai2Pulut or glutinous rice with prawn paste and peanut in fills. It was wrapped with ‘daun palas’ and smoked on charcoal.

beef-bone-soup-merotaiHere it is.  Merotai’s Special Beef’s Bone Soup.




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