Lunch in Kunak, Sabah

kunak-sabah-ikan-belais-baronaMy Tawau’s friend told me, this fish name is Belais or Barona.

During my short visit to Kunak, I have the opportunity to sample the freshness of fish over my lunch treat at Restaurant Fook Seng, Kunak.

kunak-sabah-fried-ikan-belaisDeep Fried Ikan Belais  or Barona with soya bean sauce.

The main dish was Ikan Belais (in local dialect) or Barona.  According to my local friend, this fish is called by Chinese community as “Lucky Fish”.  It is very expensive especially during Chinese festive season like Chinese New Year, it will cost you as much as RM100 per kilogram.

kunak-sabah-dear-meet-with-gingerSauted deer meat with ginger

kunak-sabah-fried-taufuFried taufu

I have just simple lunch with deep fried ikan Belais with soya bean sauce (eventough it’s more popular if serves steamed), sauted deer meat with ginger, fried taufu and fish soup and of course with white rice (as we cannot live without it).  Its fresh and only costs us RM38 (about USD12) for four persons.



  1. Oooh! Enak banget ikan nich…

    Yes, one of my favorite fish in Balikpapan too… ikan Barona. But I prefer “masak rica rica pedes”.

    Pak mamadou, kapan ke Kota Damansara bisa ngeteh atau ngopi Pak? I hope to be around mid- May, bisa saya coba bell nanti…


  2. Dear Uncle Awang.

    I really do not what is the name of the fish. If true, then I like what you have said.
    Thanks for your good words.


  3. Wow!!!lucky fish..haha you must be a lucky customer there..the Belais look like Ikan ayam laut .Anyway, enjoy your meal:)


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