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Monument of Sports

Most cities in Africa such as cities in Europe, there are many monuments. Bamako city also having number of monuments. Monument can be seen in most roundabout or road junctions and other strategic and busy place.

The monument is one way to educate new generation of the history or events that important in the politics and culture of the people and country. With the monument events can be seen and learned by them in the future.

As football is one of the most popular sports in Africa. Bamako has not less than others cities for the football. Two big stadiums and many other playing field available for the games. Mali was the host of football tournament, Africa Nations Cup in 2002

monument-of-sports-place-cafPlace CAF, Lafiabogou, Bamako

place-cafMonument of Confederation des Africaine Football (CAF) at Place CAF, Lafiabogou, Bamako

monument-of-sports-football-place-canPlace Coupe de Africaine des Nations (CAN), Lafiabogou, Bamako

monument-of-sports-african-countries-football-iconsPhotograph of the football team’s symbol for African countries

monument-of-sports-eagle-mali-football-iconMore photograph of the football team’s symbol for African countries

eagle-football-icon-for-maliEagle was choosen as the symbol for the Mali’s football team 

monument-of-sports-can2002Mali have been hosted the football tournament Coupe de Africaine des Nations (CAN) in 2002. Monument is located near with Olympie Hotel in Kalaban Coura

monument-mascot-of-can-2002Monument of mascot CAN 2002 in the Badalabogou, Bamako




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