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Monument of Symbols of Traditional Culture

place-de-bamakoMonument of 3 Crocodiles.  Crocodile in Bambara language is Bamako.  You can find symbol of crocodile at many places such as at Arch of Bamako, Muzium of Bamako, at road intersection to Kouloba and Mayor’s office of  Bamako 

place-de-maliMonument of  Hippopotamus – Situated on the Boulevard of Independence, in front of the monument eponymous hippopotamus is in the center of one of the most beautiful legends mandingues, that of Mali Sadio where the animal is presented as a quiet strength and caring.

Hippopotamus is mali in Bambara, the language most spoken in Mali

mounument-a-lhospitalite11Monument of Hospitality welcomes you to Bamako.  Located at the Bamako-Senou International Airport

monument-a-lhospitalite2Another side of Monument of hospitality wishes you bon voyage

place-mamadou-konatePlace Mamadou Konaté -Mamadou Konaté was a politician, born in 1897 to Kati, Mali. Mamadou Konaté became a teacher in different localities in Mali after studying at the École normale de Gorée then becoming a director of the Regional School of Bamako.

In 1937, he founded the Union of Teachers of French West Africa. In 1945, he founded with Modibo Keita Bloc Soudanais, which became in October 1946 the Union of Sudan, a section of the African Democratic Rally (Rassemblement Démocratique Africain-RDA).

Elected as MP in 1946, sits at the French National Assembly and in the elections of January 1956, Mamadou Konaté was elected with Modibo Keita. He was elected as MP and President of the Mali National Assembly. Shortly after, suffering from hepatitis, Mamadou Konaté died prematurely on 11 May 1956.

Place Mamadou Konaté, located at Hamdallaye, ACI 2000, Bamako, Mali.

place-sogolonPlace Sogolon – This monument has a Buffalo: The buffalo Dô and bears the name of the mother of Sounjata Keita (Sogolon). The epic Mandingo, Dô Kamissoko, Princess of Dô buffalo had turned into terrorising the population. His younger brother, King Sakaran Koné offered to hunters who finally shot (brothers Traoré) to choose among many girls. It brought Sogolon Koné, the ugliest, the sovereign of the Mandé Famaghan Konaté, who made his wife.

Sogolon Koné (the Buffalo Woman), is mother of Soundjata Keita, the Lion King of Mali. She was woman of great power and wisdom as possessed the spirit of the buffalo within her and acquired with togu; a force, neither linked to wealth nor to beauty, it’s something else. Togu is in the heart, in the blood. If someone has good togu, we say he has good blood with people, warm blood. Togu is in the way one speaks. Togu is happiness because it grants love and the admiration of others. Togu always brings fruitfulness.

This monument pays tribute to both Dô Kamissoko for his sacrifice and Sogolon, mother of Sounjata. The frescoes that adorn representative of Malian women in different sectors of activity, are a tribute to the Malian woman of all time.

Place Sogolon located at Kalaban Coura, road from the Bamako-Senou Airport to Bamako city.

monument-obelisk-ideogramsThe Obelisk Ideograms – Located at the ACI 2000, Hamdallaye. The obelisk recalls the megaliths of Darou Tondi (near Goundam, northern Mali), and symbolises unity.

obelisks-ideograms-2The obelisk has writing characters of different ethnic Mali on its sides as well as signs of the alphabet N’ko, ideograme of ethnic Bozo, Dogon and Bambara.




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  1. Jane. You have that opportunities to do that. You have long holiday at the end of your semester. You may explore the countries nearby as Vietnam and Cambodia. Good luck

  2. I’d love to go to some foreign countries where the people don’t speak English, the place exotic and all. I think Europe, England and such have been getting a bit overrated these days.

    Have you been to Morocco? I heard it’s nice over there. Been on my top list for a while :’)

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