Transit at CDG 3 December 2008

cdg-aeroportCharles de Gaulle Airport Map

For this assignment unlike previous trip, most of the flights to Europe were fully booked.  I believe this is due to the closure of the Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi Airport.

I flown to Paris with MAS on 2 Dec 2008 and safely landed at Terminal 1 CDG Airport on 3 Dec 2008 at 6.00 am (Paris time)

charles-de-gaulle-airport-terminal-2eWaiting and Boarding area

This trip I will not get fooled again by the signage at Terminal 1.  On previous trip I really annoyed as before recede Immigration counter there is one direction signage shows Terminal 2.  Then I follow the direction until I exhausted.  Terminal 2 is nowhere could not be seen in morning of winter season.  Then I walked back and check out at Immigration counter. 


In this trip I proceeded to the Immigration counter.  Then walk and walk to the arrival hall.  Mind you walking from the aerobridge, immigration counters and then to the arrival hall would be covered the distance of more than 500 meters.  At the arrival hall I took the opportunity to rest as the sky still very dark.  Tired and sleepy because of time zone different and the weather was too cold, I slept of more than one hour.  I wake up look at the watch aaargh 8.10 am.  Still early in the morning, sky out there still dark.  I think and decided not to go out to Paris as I could stand the winter cold at 5°C.  Then I walk to Exit Gate no 34 to catch the train to Terminal 2.

pc030177Promenade and shops

I decided to go Terminal 2E, another new terminal in Charles de Gaulle Airport.  Here I will take Air France to Bamako at 4.40pm.  Infact another new Terminal 2G was recently open in 9 September 2008.

pc030174Playstation, if you like

Terminal 2E was inaugurated in 2003, however not long after that on 23 May 2004, a portion of Terminal 2E’s ceiling collapsed early in the day, near Gate E50, killing four people.  After public inquiry held, the Aeroport de Paris decided in 2005 to tear down the structure and build a new terminal building.  The new Terminal 2E reopened completely on 30 March 2008.  Terminal 2E houses of boarding gates nos. E21 to E47.

pc030179Feel bored? Enjoy yourself with playstation

Reading, sleeping, browse the internet, play some games at playstation, walk around are normal activities.

pc030180Internet, if you want to reach another world

pc030181Relax, drink at cafe and children playground at the background

pc030178Smoking chamber at the foreground and children playground at the background

pc030182Northwest Airlines waiting for passengers

pc030183Beautiful interior of Terminal 2E

pc030184Looking to outside of Terminal 2E

pc030186…….and lonely chairs and the lonely traveller



  1. Assalamu’alaikum Fauziah

    The first time encounter always have problem especially at Terminal1. Noe I think other terminal like Terminal2 and 3 have better arrangement and set up. Simple and and not confusing. No or less number of escalator and traveltor. Thanks your wishes


  2. Salam Mamadou
    The first time at CDG, I found the airport to be user unfriendly. Not only because I cannot read French but because one had to use the escalator and elevator to get out of the airport.
    After a few visits, I can now find my way easily. No problems in Paris too.
    Selamat Menyambut Awal Muharran and Happy New Year.


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