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When I was in Paris sometime ago, I came across one beautiful building at Quai Branly which was in the middle of replacing the potted plants that made the façade very unique


I have read the story of this building a few years back.  I am really glad on that day, I managed to locate the building myself and appreciate its wallscape

Do you think building is beautiful with its wallscape?

As normally wallscape refers to billboards that create the commercial scenery in the city, this soft wallscape makes the scenery more pleasant! I have notice now there many other building try to shift the hard wallscape to soft wallscape as at the marketing office of Setia Eco Garden at Gelang Patah, Johore.




Spent most of the life in engineering and project management. Now having the opportunity to see the world beyond my usual nest. Travel extensively to Third World Countries. Aaahh... now everything is possible

4 thoughts on “Wallscape

  1. Assalamu’alaikum Ayoh Awi

    Not the whole street have this feature of wallscape. Thats make this building very unique. Actually not to difficult to maintain as they used the potted plants that could be changed or replaced after sometimes and fertilising it regularly. When I capturing these photos, the maintainance team was replacing the potted plants with the new one.

    Thank you for visit and good word

  2. Assalamu’alaikum Fauziah

    Well if you want to call them gardener. But in some building they use plant for hire scheme where the the company that supply the plant will maintain and replace it periodically. So beautiful for eye sight rather than the billboard.

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