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Visit to Touareg Family

Visit to Touareg Family

Mohamad Be Hadani


On the third day my itinerary is to visit a Touareg family.  The weather in the evening normally after 4.00pm is quite good, as the sun not hot as at noon and with the wind blowing indeed it is the right time to promenade.


As scheduled with my tour guide, Al-Hadi Toure came around 5.00pm.  I proceeded with him to visit Mohamad Be Hadani family.


Visit to Touareg Family

Mohamad showing his skill in handicrafts making 


Mohamad’s came from a village about 250km north of Timbuktu in the Sahara Desert.  Normally he comes to Timbuktu twice in a year for barter trading.  He will brings salt slabs, goats or cattle for exchange with rice, flour, millet, sugar etc.  Besides that his family also sells Touareg’s jewelery and handicrafts.


Visit to Touareg Family

Mohamad also a blacksmith making sword and knife


The Touareg are sometimes called the “Blue People” because the indigo pigment in the cloth of their traditional robes and turbans stained the wearer’s skin dark blue. The traditional indigo turban is still preferred for celebrations, and generally Touaregs wear clothing and turbans in a variety of colors.


Visit to Touareg Family

Mohamad Be Hadani’s products.  His price is expensive.  You have to bargains.  As touareg tradition, the price bargaining also takes three times or three offer prices 


Much Touareg art is in the form of jewelery, leather and metal saddle decorations called Trik, and finely crafted swords. Among their products are: Tanaghilt or Zakkat (the ‘Agadez Cross’ or ‘Croix d’Agadez’); the Touareg Takoba, many beautiful gold and silver-made necklaces called ‘Takaza‘; and earrings called ‘Tizabaten


Visit to Touareg Family

Mohamad’s son 


Visit to Touareg Family

Mohamad’s another son 


As Touareg tradition, Mohamad offers me touareg tea.  The serving of mint tea is a ceremonial form, especially when prepared for a guest. Whereas cooking is women’s business, the tea is a male affair: the head of family prepares it and serves to the guest, usually three glasses of tea.


Visit to Touareg Family

Mohamad’s wife and daughter 


Visit to Touraeg Family

Part of Mohamad’s family 


Preparation of touareg tea normally of green tea (usually Chinese tea, e.g. gunpowder, chun mee, or zhu cha), fresh mint leaves in large quantity and a lot of sugar. The tea is first put in the teapot and adding a small quantity of boiling water, that is poured out after one minute, to makes the tea tasted less bitter. Mint and sugar are added.  Tea and water then heated until its boiling. After three to five minutes, a glass is served and poured back in the pot two to three times, in order to mix the tea. Tea is poured into glasses from height in order to swirl loose tea leaves to the bottom of the glass.


Visit to Touareg Family

Mohamad pumping air to make the charcoal burns 


Drinking of three small cups of touareg tea having the meaning as the saying “the first cup is sweet for strength; the second is sweet for life; and the third is sweet for love”.


Visit to Touareg Family

Serving the touareg tea 


To my friends out there who always asked for beautiful touareg’s girl, sorry to tell you, Mohamad did not wish to discuss about that with me, probably I am not handsome and rich enough.  But to console you all, here is the photo of one and the most beautiful touareg girl from Timbuktu. 


Visit to Touareg Family

(Sorry friends, it is only a reproduction from Malitel’s table calendar that I found in Hotel Bouctou’s reception desk)





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  1. Hi,
    I’d like to make a trophy to the touregs with traditional ways (camels). but we have no idea about how to connect with the local guides or something. could you please tell use how to arrenge this tour as we don’t have any experience of such issues.

    thanks in advance

  2. mamadou,
    Gambar model si cantik manis (black beauty) .Terkejut saya..bila pulak Saudara tukar jadi gurugambar modeling..hehehe..Anway I always enjoy reading yr blog.

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