Latest HONDA Runs on Hydrogen, not Petroleum

Latest Hinda runs on Hydrogen not petroleum

On Monday 16 June 2008, Honda Motor celebrated the start of production of its FCX Clarity, the world’s first hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicle intended for mass production. In a ceremony at a factory an hour north of Tokyo, the first assembly-line FCX Clarity rolled out to the applause of hundreds of Honda employees wearing white jump suits.

Honda will make just 200 of the futuristic vehicles over the next three years, but said it eventually planned to increase production volumes, especially as hydrogen filling stations became more common……

Latest HONDA runs on hydrogen not petroleum

Read more here….. Latest Honda runs on hydrogen not petroleum



  1. Ayoh Awi

    All leading car manufacturers going towards hybrid engine for alternative of petroleum. Looking forward for such advanced technology.

    Thanks for your visit


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