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Today’s Photograph: Dual mode motorcycle

Dual mode motorcycle


Dual mode motorcycle


Dual mode motorcycle


Dual mode motorcycle



As the price of petrol keep increasing now and then, just wonder why this type of motorcycle is no longer produced.   This motorcycle have dual mode, motorise and manual.  If you want to save the petrol then you can pedal it like bicycle.  Could MODENAS manufacture this type of motorcycle?






Spent most of the life in engineering and project management. Now having the opportunity to see the world beyond my usual nest. Travel extensively to Third World Countries. Aaahh... now everything is possible

4 thoughts on “Today’s Photograph: Dual mode motorcycle

  1. Assalamu’alaikum Uncle Awang

    Engine technology going advance. Hybrid engine being developed and tested. We having heard that HONDA, TOYOTA, BMW, MERCEDES etc been marketing their hybrid engine cars……

    Thanks for your comments

  2. Salam,
    I still remember ada satu kedai di Kuchng Sarawak yang menjual scooter menguna kuasa electric atau battery.Tapi the speed is limited and battery can last only for less than 100km but boleh charge semula macam hand phone.May be I try to look for more detail on this machine hopefully the company still on because during the promotion that is 2 years ago nampak nya orang lasung tak berminat……

  3. Mamadou,
    Yes I wonder why Modenas cant think of producing such a hybrid of motorcycles. Our country’s laws are such many such innovative designs are curtailed from being used. One of which is the hybrid bicycle from China which uses electricity which can be pedalled manually when the electricity runs out. I think our country’s leaders aren’t thinking much about the rakyat.

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