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We are being monitored

According to some recent data obtained by WorldFutures, the USA is making a lot of efforts to woo Jakarta as one of its strategic partners in the SEA region and by such, putting it under strong US influence altogether. The reason for it is not only the appropriate geo-strategic location of the country and its rich natural resources, but its great authority over ASEAN countries as well as over the Muslim world and the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) specifically.



The U.S. offered at least 5 Radars to Indonesia , to be installed within the Malacca Straits vicinity. An article posted in the Indonesian Embassy website (in U.S.) says in order to support maritime security in South East Asia, the US government had provided five reconnaissance radars to be installed by Indondesia along the Malacca Strait.



The five radars were still in the process of being installed (as of February 2008)and would be part of the Integrated Maritime Surveillance Sytem (IMSS). Indonesia itself had installed four radars in the Malacca Strait.



The radar equipment already installed in Indonesia has a really wide range of abilities. It can take observations not only over Indonesia itself but also over the whole Malacca Straits region, which means the U.S. can monitor Malaysia right from Indonesian soil.




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