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Exporting Mangoes : A Case Of COMPETITIVENESS

Exporting Mangoes

Mango – The exporters reminded against the product recall
There has been much discussion these days of the export of mangoes to the Exporting MangoesEuropean market.  Last month, training workshop Programme compétitivité et diversification agricoles (PCDA)”  was organised on the hygiene of fields and harvesting techniques.  The objective was aimed at exporters to obtains the information regarding compliance with the GlobalGAP standards.  This training also aims to increase awareness on the need to respect the standards of production, processing, packaging, storage and export of mango.
Thus exporters should strictly abide by standards such as the hiring of an Exporting Mangoesinternal auditor, compliance with health rules and hygiene, conditioning and storage of pesticides, while ensuring that they are registered. They are required to train their staff  on the  production and processing rules of hygiene and emergency incident. Respect for the environment, the quality of water used in the plantations and salaries are other requirements. In the end, the exporter needs to have a foreign approved certifier for certification needed for export.     

Exporting MangoesThe expert has put exporters warn against the procedures for product recall. This procedure is triggered in the event of discovery of foreign matter on products or packaging. This reminder is to be borne by the exporter and is accompanied by heavy penalties to pay and could possibly cause the loss of markets.

The reward for all this effort is the credibility that will allow them to win their share of the lucrative European market.



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