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Jatropha Curcas

 In the current context of the gradual rise in oil prices in the international market, developing countries, particularly non-oil producing, are looking for new alternatives.


However in Mali, even considered as the undeveloping countries in the world make new head again.  The new production of biodiesel has just opened its doors in the town of Méguétan in Koulikoro region.

Mali Jatophra

Biodiesel can be used for all cars that use diesel without risk to the engine

In Mali, the Jatropha Curcas/Pourghère/Jarak Pagar, a plant that grows well, provides great opportunities just waiting to be exploited for biodiesel. And many businessmen are beginning to show interest. L’essor reported on 19 March 2008 that the first treatment plant of Jatropha Curcas in Koulikoro, Mali was offically open on 18 February 2008 by President of the National Assembly, Dioncounda Traore.

The promoter of the ventures the company call “Mali Biocarburant SA”, the result of cooperation between Mali and Netherlands with a capital of 10 million CFA francs. The objective of the company according to its General Manager, Hugo Verkuijl is clear. “Apart from the profit, our work is part of the fight against poverty. Our ambition is local production, extraction local consumption. Must first meet local needs, create jobs . Eventually, we plan to create decentralized units of biodiesel in all regions of Mali”. 

Epilogue:  Effective by 15th April 2008, the fuels prices increased as announced by the government.  The new price are as follows:- 

  1. Supercaburant :                     635 Fcfa/litre (0.97 Euro/litre)
  2. Pétrole lampant :                   460 Fcfa/litre
  3. Gas-oil :                               555 Fcfa/litre
  4. Distillat Diesel-oil (DDO) :        555 Fcfa/litre
  5. Fuel oil :                              365 Fcfa/litre
  6. Gaz butane :                         859 Fcfa/litre


Now it is very clear that we needs the alternative fuels to overcome every ever increases of petroleum price and it diminish.   Concerted effort must be formed to spearhead for the alternative, biofuels.  Go green.




Spent most of the life in engineering and project management. Now having the opportunity to see the world beyond my usual nest. Travel extensively to Third World Countries. Aaahh... now everything is possible

18 thoughts on “Production of biofuels: ALTERNATIVE JATROPHA CURCAS (POURGHÉRE/JARAK PAGAR)

  1. Dear Mamadou,

    I’m involved in biomass fuel.
    Can you tell me more about Industries Mali and Mr Binaf Togola. I understand he has an office in Malaysia as well, do you have the address / contacts for this?
    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

  2. Where did you find that picture? I worked with Mali Biocarburant and I stumbled across this post, that’s someone I worked with in the picture

  3. Dear Lionel.

    Phone: +223 20201382

    For your information Mali has upgraded their phone number (fixed and mobile lines)from 7 digits to 8 digits since November 2008. That could be one of the reason you cannot get them.

    Calling Mali from your country
    •00 or + (exit code); must be dialed first for all international calls made from your country
    •223 – country code for Mali
    •phone number – 8 digits
    •Malaysia to Mali international dialing format: 00 223 xxxx xxxx
    •first digit for fixed telephone numbers is usually 2; however, some numbers’ starting digit is 4

    Starting digits for largest cities (Fixed line / SOTELMA):
    •Bamako: 202, 207, 449
    •Kayes: 215
    •Mopti: 214
    •Segou: 213
    •Sikasso: 216
    •Tombouctou: 219

    How to dial to Mali cellular:
    •for calls to a cell phone dial: 00 223 6xxx xxxx (Malitel) or 00 223 7xxx xxx (Orange)

    Thank you

  4. Hello mamadou,

    I need some information regarding a company in Mali. The company is Industries Mali SA, its President is Mr Binaf Togola. I met him in Malaysia last year and I would definetly like to do business with him. That Ian Cheah chap made a mistake regarding his phone number. Owe you one if you could help.


  5. Hello, mamadou

    Great job ! Go Green. I have a nursery full of Jatropa saplings. Kindly pass my contact no to Ian Cheah please. The No. Is 0166202804. Thank you.


  6. hello, mamadou: how u doing? i believe u r doing great by all time. at present, i m eagerly looking for a supplier of jatropha in malaysia. pls kindly provide the regarding name list for further contact.l—thks a lot!

  7. Dear Fernando

    You may contact the following company for further information;
    Tanny Lee
    Jatropha Global Sdn Bhd


    Lot GLC-1, Ground Floor Level, Enterprise 4, Technology Park Malaysia,
    57000 Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: +603-8996 4500 Fax: +603-8996 4511
    Contact Person:-
    Maznah Abu Hassan

    Thank you

  8. Dear Thom

    I am not sure where you could sell Jatropha in Malaysia because I am not familiar with the research and market in Malaysia but not Mali

  9. Assalamu’alaikum Ummi

    Jarak pagar ni memang ada ditempat kita. Ada diusahakan juga tapi kalau serious memang menjadi. Semasa di Jakarta dulu ada juga bantu teman-teman dari Malaysia untuk dapatkan bahan bacaan dan rujukan tentang jarak pagar. Usaha komersil sangat perlu supaya projek menjadi jaya. Terima kasih

  10. hebatlah…satu benda baru yg amat bagus kalau dpt dipraktikkan di tmpt kita….org kg mmg dah biasa dgn pokok jarak ni…sekadar ubatan tradisional tapi rupanya ada nilai tinggi di sebaliknya ya…allah beri ilham kpd org depa dulu rupanya.

  11. Pak Zawi, Indeed very good if the interest in planting pokok jarak pagar continue for better future and better environment. New mindset and paradigm should be the prequisite before they embark into this venture. These greedy people actually just to enrich themself for ashort term and denying other opportunities. Pity on them

    Anyway we go GREEN. Thanks for your visit and the opinion

  12. Mohamad,
    There is an interest in planting jarak in Kelantan now. Whether it will be a success remains to be seen. Some people are greedy and will do a project just to utilize the grants provided by the government. They will make their profit from there and forget about the project and letting it to fail.
    Nice post from you.

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