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Today’s Photograph : Whirlwind

Kati-Koulikani Travel

Whirlwind captured during my travel yesterday

Yesterday when I was travelled between Kati and Koulokani in the region Koulikoro, I saw some smoke from a distance of 1 kilometre away.  At first I thought it was smoke of something burnt.  When I near to the place, the smoke actually cause by whirlwind.  Whirlwind is quite common here during hot and dry season and I manage to captured it.

A minor whirlwind is created when local winds start to spin on the ground. This causes a funnel to form. The funnel moves over the ground, pushed by the winds that first formed it. The funnel picks up materials such as [dust] as it moves over the ground, thus becoming visible.

Minor whirlwinds are not as long-lived; the winds that form them do not last long, and when a minor whirlwind hits something (a building, a house, a tree, etc.) on its journey, its rotation is interrupted, as is the windflow into it, causing it to dissipate.






2 responses to “Today’s Photograph : Whirlwind

  1. mamadou April 17, 2008 at 5:47 pm

    Ayoh Awi, whirlwind ocurence is due atmosheric phenomenon. Lucky it was only minor whirlwind. If not the house in that photograph will damage severely. Thanks for your visit.
    My pray that you and your family always under Allah’s shield

  2. Zawi April 17, 2008 at 9:15 am

    Whirlwinds occur in Malaysia too but because we are not as dry and sandy as in Africa, it is rarely visible. Nice pic.
    Thanks for your doa.

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