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Transit at CDG 12 December 2007

Landed in CDG at 6.05am morning.  Cold weather in the winter season welcome me.  At the exit door , I notice that I was not usher to the aerobridge but to the passenger buses that already waiting on the tarmac.  I feel very cold, tired and sleepy.  I walk slowly but steady to the waiting bus.  Eh eh , I am not going to Terminal 2C where I used to transit when out from Africa with AF.  The bus finally stop at Terminal 2E.


This time I am not going to jalan-jalan, because the weather not suit me to wander in Paris.  Furthermore I am very tired and sleepy.  So go to the waiting lounge of Terminal 2E.


Transit at CDG 12 December 2007

Morning at CDG


After arrived from Cotonou at 7.00pm on 9 December, I quickly arrange myself at home to get a  short rest.  Tomorrow early morning of 10 December 2007 Coulibally will arrive from KCH at 2.30am via DXB and CMN after a long holiday.  I went to airport at 2.00am.  Wait and wait,  the arrival of Coulibally delay for another 1 hour.  That’s normal.  The weather was quite cold about 15C and windy too.  It was  not really comfortable to wait in the open space in this kind of weather.  But what is the choice.  Everybody is waiting like me too.


Coulibally finally arrived and he had a quick puff then he announces that he like to have café au lait.  Where else other than the usual restaurant that almost 24hours in business, Le Relax.  After we have finished our coffee and catch the time we lost for the last 2 months, the time already almost 6.00 am.  Quickly rush to our house in Hamdallaye, solah Faj’r and rest as the tight schedule awaiting us.


My flight BKO-CDG-SIN-KUL schedule to depart at 11pm of 11 December 2007 and on this date, I busy with Coulibally to sort out some administrative and financial matters.  Rest.  Packing.  Have dinner at Amandine and then to the airport.  So hectic.


Transit at CDG 12 December 2007

Aeroplane at the parking apron


Once I in the waiting lounge, I observe that this is the new upgraded terminal.    After visit this place to refresh my self and discharge my duty to the Creator, I wander around


Transit at CDG 12 December 2007

Place to refresh myself


the terminal looking for the best place to rest.  Then my eye caught to the nice and beautiful couch.  Lucky there is one without occupant.   What else, have a good rest and sleep.


 Transit at CDG 12 December 2007

Sleeping couch and internet station in the background


When I wake up I saw one technician do some testing to the Playstation. 


Transit at CDG 12 December 2007

Someone make a phone call



Terminal 2E have 2 internet station, 2 Playstation and 2 Telephone centre.   Then sleep….and visit this place again


 Transit at CDG 12 December 2007

Another shot the place to ease myself


Have my simple lunch of sandwich and look at the décor; full with thumbprint.  Yes, all the interior glass panel have thumbprint images


 Transit at CDG 12 December 2007

Interior view


Then look at the workers cleaning the exterior glass panel


 Transit at CDG 12 December 2007

Exterior View


What else to do other than readings magazine, a book and sleep again.  Then I look up to the ceiling.  Very high and they have this type of ceiling.


Transit at CDG 12 December 2007 

Look up at the ceiling type and materials


Make my last visit to refresh myself


 Transit at CDG 12 december 2007

The place I wash and refresh my tired looking face


And the AF plane is on the parking apron, ready to fly me to SIN at 11pm.


 Transit at CDG 12 December 2007

Bon Voyage.  Au Revoir


Till meet you again…………….




Spent most of the life in engineering and project management. Now having the opportunity to see the world beyond my usual nest. Travel extensively to Third World Countries. Aaahh... now everything is possible

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