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Mali : Jatropha Oil Lights Up Villages

In Mali, as reported by World Wacth Institute, about 700 villages have enjoyed usage of Jatropha Oil to provide electricity for lighting homes, running water pumps and grain mills, and other critical uses.

Jatropha Curcas Plant
In Mali where price of diesel is about FCFA545 (USD1.15) per liter, it is very costly to transport to thee remote area and unaffordable for majority of the nation.
Jatropha can be grown on barren land, requires little care, and can help prevent erosion, it is more likely to complement than compete with food crops; a common concern with many biofuels.

 Just wonder whether our biodiesel research and development in palm oil and other renewable enegery sources has reach the advance stage, where consumer and nation could have benefitted from.  Eventhough Mali categorised as one of the poorest countries in the world have advance enough for the people in Solar and Renewable Energy program, with helps from international companies. 




Spent most of the life in engineering and project management. Now having the opportunity to see the world beyond my usual nest. Travel extensively to Third World Countries. Aaahh... now everything is possible

2 thoughts on “Mali : Jatropha Oil Lights Up Villages

  1. Dear Fernando

    As far as I know overhere they do not produce jatropha oil for commercial yet but more for community use. Right now the quantity produced is too low foor commercial market. Thanks

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