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It is Rain

Today is public holiday, “Easter Monday“.  I just basically doing nothing but browsing the internet to keep up dates information on appointment of Trengganu MB’s story.

However, today we were blessed with rain.  Yes it is raining here in Bamako at 1355hrs for good 20 minutes.  Now we are in Dry Season.  It was no rain since I arrived in January 2008.  Dry and Hot, of course dusty.

 It is Rain

It is Rain.  Look at the wet apron

It is Rain

Rain will brings down the dust and makes temperature slightly lower

It is Rain 

Look, water flowing through the outlet chute

Today, my friend Coulibally need not to go for his usual piscine session at HS.

What a bless, AlhamduliLlah



2 responses to “It is Rain

  1. mamadou April 2, 2008 at 9:51 am

    Ayoh Wi. Thanks for your visit. Thast very what you have said. Rain is somethings for me to look forward during this hot season where nobody expect the rain will come except to the coastal area. But Mali is landlock country the only big water source is The Great Niger River which flows across 5 countries; Senegal, Mali, Niger and Nigeria.

    You are right Ayoh Wi, Africa always considered as a country instead of continent of 55 countries and when we say Africa they think of South Africa. Thank you Ayoh Wi. Keep in Touch

  2. Zawi April 1, 2008 at 11:04 pm

    This is a reciprocal visit.
    You are in Africa no wonder rain is an amazing thing to you. I guess when something occurs very rarely, it becomings something to look forward to. Life in such a dry place revolves around the arrival of the much needed water.
    Africa is a very interesting place and we dont get much info about the continent. Hopefully mamadou can keep us posted about this mysterious continent.

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