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West Africa Map

 My Travel Map


In Flight Bamako Cotonou

Aeroport de Bamako Senou







In Flight Bamako Cotonou

 Kenya Airways

In Flight Bamako Cotonou

Village de Commune de Senou

In Flight Bamako Cotonou

Above the sky

In Flight Bamako Cotonou

Cotonou Delta



In Flight Bamako Cotonou

Lagune de Cotonou

In Flight Bamako Cotonou

Ville de Cotonou

In Flight Bamako Cotonou

La Rouge Carrefour




 In Flight Bamako Cotonou

 Aeroport de Cotonou




This was my third  time flying to Cotonou, Benin.  Alhamdulillah, everything is fine after some hiccup happened when I was at the check-in counter.  At first the officer in-charge at check-in counter refused to allow me to check-in due my ticket status.  (another story tell you in my next writing; another experience). The journey was smooth. Departed and arrived at destination  on-time.  Not many passengers in this flight, only about 22 passengers, may be this was one of the earliest flight introduced by the CAM for Bamako-Cotonou sector which started in December 2007.  So I have had the opportunity to choose my seat as free seating was allowed and moves from left to right or vice versa to capture the view or to hide from the sunlight.

Little experience happened when I surrendered my passport to the Immigration Officer.  He instructed me to move aside and mumble something then asked me to fill-up the new Embarkation Card even without looking at my passport and the filled-up card.  I said to myself, today, I will experience something that I always anticipate to be happened.  Suddenly another officer came and flip through my passport.  Then he smile at me and said; “oh mister, you have one-year visa.  Ok no problem.  Coca money for me” and smile again.  So I reciprocated with smile as I already anticipated that.  “Coca money”, mean some money for him to have Coca Cola…………. 

However, today the Custom Officer in-charge just wave me through, not inspect my hand luggage as usual. 

Many thanks to Hawa of Delta Voyage who help me to convert my ticket from one airlines to another airlines company (aah… another story to tell you, everything is possible) and IBC who helped me at the check-in counter with his charm.




Spent most of the life in engineering and project management. Now having the opportunity to see the world beyond my usual nest. Travel extensively to Third World Countries. Aaahh... now everything is possible

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